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Panasonic System 1 Inverter CU-S24PKZ / CS-S24PKZW (21000 BTU)

  • $1,79100

Price includes standard HDB/BTO installation, NO Hidden Costs! We also do not charge GST!

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Technical Specifications

NEA Energy Rating 2 Ticks
Quietest Sound Level 37 dB
Filter nanoe-G Air Purification
Special Feature ECONAVI / AUTOCOMFORT Sensors
Condenser Model CU-S24PKZ
Condenser Capacity 21000 BTU = 6.0 kW
1. Fancoil Model CS-S24PKZW
1. Fancoil Capacity 21000 BTU = 6.0 kW



This Panasonic System 1 Inverter model CU-S24PKZ / CS-S24PKZW provides one unit of 21000 BTU cooling, perfect for a very large sized living room or office space.

Key Features

1. Stylish design, white with black trim and detail

2. Panasonic Inverter Technology for energy savings

3. nanoe-G Air Purification System

  • Trillions of Panasonic's nanoe-G fine particles are emitted from the air conditioner and circulate around the room
  • They adhere to 99% of bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces and deactivate them, rendering them harmless
  • They also inhibit the growth of mold on surfaces in the room
  • The new In-Filter Deactivation feature enables 99% of bacteria and viruses trapped in the filter to be rendered harmless by nanoe-G particles when the air conditioner is turned off

4. Low sound level at 37 dB

5. ECONAVI Mode for Energy Savings using Advanced Sensors

  • Absence Detection reduces cooling power when the room is empty
  • Sunlight Detection senses sunlight intensity and reduces cooling power when low sunlight is detected
  • Area Search directs cool air to room occupants, reducing energy wastage in cooling unoccupied areas of the room
  • Activity Detection reduces cooling power when the occupants of the room are not moving around much
  • The new Temperature Wave technology rhythmically reduces cooling power according to Panasonic's research into human Thermal Physiology, maintaining comfortable conditions in the room while saving energy
  • Use ECONAVI Mode for up to 38% in energy savings depending on ambient conditions and usage

6. AUTOCOMFORT Mode for Comfort using Advanced Sensors

  • High Activity Detection automatically increases or decreases cooling power depending on the level of activity of occupants in the room
  • Use AUTOCOMFORT Mode when comfort is a top priority, it may increase or decrease energy usage depending on activity



Price includes standard HDB/BTO installation and we do not charge GST to our customers. Our friendly customer service guru will contact you after checkout to arrange a date for installation and to advise on additional charges if necessary. Alternatively you can call / text us at +65 9842 9080 or email us at with your enquiry and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Possible Additional Charges

1. Stainless Steel Bracket - $150

      • Used to mount the Condenser outside the living/working area
      • Only necessary if there is no suitable bracket already installed outside from older systems or there is no aircon ledge / space on ledge available

    2. Isolator - $300 to $350

        • Provides electrical power for the Condenser mounted outside the living/working area
        • Only necessary if there is no suitable isolator already installed outside from older systems

      3. Installation for landed properties / offices / industrial areas

          • Increased trunking lengths may be required hence increased installation costs may apply
          • A free, no obligation site survey is required to give an accurate quotation

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