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Daikin New Model (5 Ticks) System 4 Inverter MKS80QVMG (25200 BTU) / CTKS25QVM (9000 BTU) × 2, CTKS35QVM (12000 BTU) × 1, CTKS71QVM (24000 BTU) × 1

  • $5,05000

Price includes standard HDB/BTO installation, NO Hidden Costs! We also do not charge GST.

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Technical Specifications

NEA Energy Rating (Higher is better) 5 Ticks
NEA Estimated Annual Electricity Cost (Lower is better) S$781.00 per year
Quietest Sound Level 19 dB
Filter Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air-Purifying Filter
Special Feature Intelligent Eye Sensor
Condenser Model MKS80QVMG
Condenser Capacity (Higher is better) 25200 BTU = 7.4 kW
1. Fancoil Model CTKS25QVM
1. Fancoil Capacity 9000 BTU = 2.5 kW
2. Fancoil Model CTKS25QVM
2. Fancoil Capacity 9000 BTU = 2.5 kW
3. Fancoil Model CTKS35QVM
3. Fancoil Capacity 12000 BTU = 3.5 kW
4. Fancoil Model CTKS71QVM
4. Fancoil Capacity 24000 BTU = 7.1kW



This Daikin 5MILE System 4 Inverter model MKS80QVMG / CTKS25QVM × 2, CTKS35QVM × 1, CTKS71QVM × 1 provides two units of 9000 BTU cooling, one unit of 12000 BTU cooling and one unit of 24000 BTU cooling, perfect for three small to medium sized bedrooms and one living room. This option is recommended for HDB or BTO flats with the floorplan above.

Key Features

  1. Daikin's New 5 Tick models have just been released. It is currently the most value-for-money 5 Tick system available in the market.
  2. Save an estimated S$200.00 - S$400.00 a year compared to older systems with fewer ticks.
  3. Stylish, compact design compared to other 5 Tick systems.
  4. High Quality Clean Air with Daikin's Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air-Purifying Filter which effectively absorbs and decomposes bacteria, viruses and impurities such as dust and cigarette smoke.
  5. Quiet Sound Levels of 19 dB for CTKS25QVM.
  6. Controllable by Smartphone using Daikin's Online Controller App with purchase and installation of the optional mobile controller box. 
  7. Intelligent Eye Mode - Automatically varies aircon cooling power by sensing human movement in a room using an infrared sensor.
  8. Night Set Mode - Prevents excessive cooling for pleasant sleep where room temperature is raised by 0.5 C after 60 minutes of cooling operation.

Download Daikin Online Brochure (pdf) : Click Here


Price includes standard HDB/BTO installation and we do not charge GST to our customers. Our friendly customer service guru will contact you after checkout to arrange a date for installation and to advise on additional charges if necessary. Alternatively you can call / text us at +65 9842 9080 or email us at with your enquiry and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Possible Additional Charges

1. Stainless Steel Bracket - $150

    • Used to mount the Condenser outside the living/working area
    • Only necessary if there is no suitable bracket already installed outside from older systems or there is no aircon ledge / space on ledge available

2. Isolator - $300 to $350

    • Provides electrical power for the Condenser mounted outside the living/working area
    • Only necessary if there is no suitable isolator already installed outside from older systems

3. Installation for landed properties / offices / industrial areas

    • Increased trunking lengths may be required hence increased installation costs may apply
    • A free, no obligation site survey is required to give an accurate quotation


Below is some information relating to our pricing, installation standards and practices:


1. Prices are NETT. Adept Industries Pte Ltd does not charge GST to our customers.


1. To prevent condensation issues along or inside the trunking leading to leaking and the growth of mold, our piping insulation and trunking use above industry standard materials and practices. We use:

- 1/2 inch thick Armaflex insulation (Insulation brand that is the most reputable in Singapore) for the 2 copper pipes containing refrigerant. This is thicker than the recommended 3/8 inch thick Armaflex insulation and is added protection against condensation.
- Each of the two copper pipes are insulated individually from each other with two separate pieces of insulation.
- 1/4 inch thick Armaflex insulation for the drainage pipe.
- Litaflex (Made in Singapore) or equivalent matte white trunking to contain the piping. It is robust and easy to clean and paint over if needed.
- Wacker / Siroflex silicone sealant (Made in Holland) to properly seal up all the gaps in the trunking to prevent insects/pests from nesting inside.

2. Thickness of Copper and PVC Piping

- 22 SWG copper pipes (Singapore Brand) in compliance with ASTM B280 standards. This is thicker than the recommended 23 SWG copper piping to contain the refrigerant, which is under high pressure. Thicker copper piping is added protection against corrosion and leaking in the future.
- 16mm Inner Diameter PVC Pipe (Singapore Brand) used to ferry condensate away from the fancoil unit to the drainage site. The larger inner diameter of 16mm is more suitable than the smaller 13mm used by others as it is harder to get clogged.

3. Wiring Standards

- 3C70 and 3C40 wiring from Keystone Cable (S) Pte Ltd or DNE used (Singapore Brand). Important to use wire from a reputable manufacturer and with 3 cores instead of 2 cores as 2 cores is lacking the earth wire and is not as safe as 3 core.

Warranty Information

- Faults in the equipment are covered by warranty from the manufacturer for a period of one year from date of installation.
- Faults in the compressor motor inside the condensing unit are covered by warranty from the manufacturer for a period of five years from date of installation.
- If new trunking and piping is installed by us, faults in the trunking and piping such as leaking of refrigerant and condensation along the trunking are covered by warranty from Adept Industries Pte Ltd for a period of one year from the date of installation.
- Leaking of fancoil unit, aircon not cold and other issues brought about by irregular or improper servicing of the air conditioning system are not covered by us unless you take up a yearly servicing contract with us. If a yearly servicing contract is taken up, we provide 2 months warranty against such issues after each servicing.

Payment Information

- Upon installation, testing and handover of air conditioning system to customer, full payment is to be made by Cash or Cheque (crossed and made payable to ADEPT INDUSTRIES PTE LTD).


- Construction works such as cementing, painting, boxing up in false ceilings/walls and ceiling work are not included in the price.
- Supply and Installation of Stainless Steel Bracket, Condensing Unit Electrical Power Isolator or Fan Coil Unit Electrical Power Point are not included in the price.
- Any items not listed but deemed necessary will be quoted as an additional cost. All parties will be advised of any additional charges beforehand. Only upon acceptance of quoted charges by all parties will work commence.

This is the end of our writeup, thank you for reading! Please give us a call, text or email if you have any questions on the above. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

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