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Aircon Servicing

Enjoy a 2 month warranty on all contract servicing from the date of servicing (one of the longest in Singapore)! That's how much confidence we have in the quality and effectiveness of our servicing!


One-Time Servicing

For consumers that aren't heavy users of their air-conditioning but still occasionally need to escape from the sweltering heat of our sunny Singapore, the One-Time Servicing is perfect for you.

  • $50 / 1st Fan Coil Unit + $35 / Subsequent Units


Half-Yearly Contract (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

To keep your air-conditioner running at its optimal performance, it is recommended that you service it at least every 6 months. Provide your loved ones with the comfort that they deserve!

  • Only $35 / Fan Coil Unit !


Quarterly Contract 

If you are a heavy user of your air-conditioner (> 8 hours a day), you may want to consider getting our Quarterly Contract to ensure that your air-conditioner is in pristine condition. As the old adage goes, "A stitch in time saves nine!" Don't wait for problems to occur before addressing it, give your family the best that you can!

  • With an even more attractive price @ only $30 / Fan Coil Unit!


Inspection & Repair Works

Is your air-conditioner giving you problems? ADEPT carries out inspection & repair works as well! Our qualified professionals will do a full system check (single compressor + attached indoor units) to help diagnose the problem. The findings will be presented to you and if necessary, repair works can commence subject to availability of materials & parts!

  • $70 / Compressor System. This includes a detailed check on all the units attached to a single compressor and is a flat price regardless of the number of attached units.
  • Repair costs are separate and subject to the availability of parts and degree of complexity.


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